How to Get Integrated Advertising Right

Integrated advertising is one sure way to get the word out about your company and make sure that the word is good.

By Sreedev Sharma | Advertising

Jun 04
How to Get Integrated Advertising Right

Integrated advertising is a new trend for companies to promote their products, earn profits and prosper. If you have an aspiring business, integrated advertising could do wonders for your company. Integrated advertising includes several aspects such as social media advertising, paid advertisements, etc. Though this is a relatively new form of advertising, it’s managed to create a huge buzz all around, turning out to be beneficial for both small as well big companies.

It’s significant to understand the working of integrated advertising on social media to reap its rewards.

  • The first essential step is to hit the bull’s eye with choosing the right audience. From social media advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to magazines, choose the source of targeted audience. Be clear and work on the sources where your users are active and pick the right forum for your updates, ads, etc. Randomly sharing all the information and updates on each and every platform would not be constructive. The right audience would also help you earn more customers or clients as with more views, your advertisement would be ranked higher than the others in the search option of these applications.
  • Ensure consistency in your brand’s appearance on various social media platforms. This helps customers connect well with your brand and identify it easily.
  • Setting the budget is another important aspect to be considered, which makes integrated advertising work efficiently. Though social media offers low cost advertising, ignorance can make your return not worth the investment. Hence, proper planning of budget schedule is necessary before beginning integrated social advertising.
  • Create themes for your campaigns and keep a track of your campaigns. You must check on your ads and posts, on the kind of feedback and comments you get, to be sure that you are on the right track. If you don’t get the response you want from customers or viewers, you must know the situation immediately and tackle it. Two ways of doing this is to verify the content and change the platform to target the right audience.
  • Engaging with customers is a must. It’s productive to work on the feedback from viewers and get into genuine conversations via comments to help you improve and work better. Deals, competitions, and perks are attractions that work well to involve the public.

  • Make sure that your advertising is well integrated. Whether on social media websites or in newspaper blogs, you must ensure that your ads are reaching the ultimate target where your product is being sold. For instance, ‘Dumb ways to die’ from the public transport authority in Melbourne managed to get as many as 50 million views on YouTube. It’s the perfect example of blending paid, social media and own (website, mobile app of company) advertisements.

So in today’s age when marketing has got several faces and manifold options to promote or advertise your products, it’s crucial to know how to integrate your advertising and entertain and inform your target clientele along with getting them to recognize you and pay for your services.