Sreedev Sharma


Social media strategist and digital marketing consultant from India, working with small business and entrepreneurs to build an effective online and social media plan.


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Sreedev - Social Media Marketing Expert in India,

Nivil VK - Entrepreneur

Sreedev is a truly energetic brain who fulfilled his position as social media strategist in my team by providing innovative ideas to the clients. He has the ability to solve any kind of complex situations by deriving the best strategy which complements the needs of both company and client.

Anusree K - Business Development Manager

Social Media Expert - India

Vipin Nayar - Head - Digital Marketing

Sreedev is very energetic and fun @ work. He is a positive thinker and an ideal employee from an HR perspective. His Team and mangers are always happy&proud of the outcome of his work. Sreedev is always an Asset.

Priya Nair - HR Manager