Sreedev Sharma

Social media strategist and digital marketing consultant, working with small & medium sized business and entrepreneurs in Dubai and India to build an effective online and social media plan.

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Sreedev is very energetic and fun at work. He is a positive thinker and an ideal employee from an HR perspective. His team and mangers are always happy & proud of the outcome of his work. Sreedev is always an Asset.

Priya Nair - HR Manager at Acodez

Sreedev Sharma is very focused on his work and approaches it with a passion. He is dedicated and hard-working, and a complete team player. I can even say that he is master of Facebook. He always keeps motivating his colleagues and subordinates to give their best. It was indeed a pleasure to work with him!

Vipin Nayar - Head - Digital Marketing at Acodez

I'm really privileged to start my work career under him. He was more like a brother/friend. He corrected when I am wrong and appreciated when I do something good. And I really appreciate his loyalty to the company and capability of doing anything that seems to be impossible.

Muhammed Shaliq - Social Media Analyst at Acodez

Sreedev is extremely dynamic and has go-getter attitude towards responsibility in hand. He believes in delivering results and is a hard worker. He likes to be informed and keeps himself updated .It’s a great learning to be around him .He and his performance is full of surprises!! I wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

Nivil VK - Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Expert

Sreedev is a truly energetic brain who fulfilled his position as social media strategist in my team by providing innovative ideas to the clients. He has the ability to solve any kind of complex situations by deriving the best strategy which complements the needs of both company and client.

Anusree K - Business Development Manager

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